Battery charging


  1. Connect the power supply and the charger, for example Turnigy, to the battery according to the picture.
    • red-to-red
    • black-to-black
    • 3-pin cable on the battery to 3-pins on Turnigy
  2. It is recommended to place the battery in a LiPo-safe bag.
  3. Before turning on the power supply, switch the current and voltage wheels to minimum values.
  4. Turn on the power supply.
  5. Set the current to max.
  6. Set the voltage to approximately 15V on the power supply box.
  7. Make sure that the charging type is set to LiPo (shown in the Turnigy display). If this is not the case, press Type and Status-left buttons on the Turnigy device until LiPo mode pops up on the display. Then press start/enter.
  8. Choose an appropriate charging current on the Turnigy device (for example 4A for a 4000mAh battery):
    • press enter to set xxA
    • update the number (xx) of Amperes using -/+
    • enter to confirm
  9. Press enter/start on Turnigy and hold until it beeps, which means that the charging has started. The current value on the power supply box should be non-zero. If this is not the case, try to decrease the charging current on the Turnigy device.
  10. It’s almost done when the voltage value (on the Turnigy display) is around 8.4V.
  11. Turnigy beeps when the charging is finished completely. Now it is important to switch off the charging current without too long delay to avoid over-charging.
  12. Press stop on Turnigy and turn off the power supply.