Technology in the hands


The role of computing devices, embedded into everyday objects, has grown tremendously over the last two decades. The more recent advances in communication technology has opened up for another huge technological leap, namely embedded devices communicating with each other and thus offering new services to their users. This vision has attracted attention from numerous research and development groups, each approaching it from a different direction, and consequently producing various technical terms, such as Federated Embedded Systems (FES), Internet of Things, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Multi-Agent Systems, and Systems of Systems, to mention just a few.

While the development pace of FES is accelerating on the global scale, there is still a lack of comprehensive and accessible experimental platforms for such interconnected embedded systems. This web site is dedicated to amending this shortcoming, by presenting a mobile open platform for experimental development (MOPED) of FES (or CPS in general), developed in a research project on FES architecture and primarily intended for use in research and education environments.

The platform is based on an RC car, equipped with a distributed control system, consisting of a number of Raspberry Pi (RPi) boards. The goal is to simulate typical behavior of an automotive electronic system, while providing the means for them to be easily upgradable with new software and allowing them to interact with each other and other embedded systems. The basic MOPED version, highlighted in a short demo clip, is equipped with two AUTOSAR-based RPis for vehicle control and one Linux-based RPi, for communication with a mobile phone to receive driving instructions.

The information, collected on this website, consists of hardware configuration descriptions, open-source software binaries, together with installation instructions, needed to make the hardware come alive, as well as a more theoretical part that describes the architectural concepts that have been developed in parallel. Also, this site is intended as a portal for open innovation and collaboration on FES, with a database of plugin software for dynamic reconfiguration of MOPED systems in particular, and FES systems in general.